Wednesday, April 24, 2013

hump day. :)

howdy! happy hump day y'all :)
now if only the weather was the same as mondays..

i'm kinda over the dreary weather - actually not kinda, i definitely am. i like to keep myself busy so i don't have to think about it. {out of sight, out of mind} although its not completely out of sight, but you catch my drift.. so let's get to some of the fun things i've been doing shall we?

three words: island bar crawl.
i know right? who doesn't love a bar crawl, especially a just-cause-we-wanna-crawl type of crawl. some friends call downtown an island so we did a 'just cause' bar crawl around a new area downtown - fountain square. well, a new area to us. who knew there were so many cute little bars in fountain square? i sure didn't! so we threw on some leis and called it an... island bar crawl. 

the plan was to start at la margarita for margaritas then crawl into each establishment that serves alcohol and have one drink. after the restaurant bucket list book i made, i was all about trying these new places. and boy we had so much fun! :) speaking of the book, my sister and i decided to try one of the places on friday night - sushi house in geist. and i must say it was a success! definitely looking forward to trying more new restaurants in my book.

to round off my fun weekend, i took a trip down yonder to seymour ;) for amandas wedding shower.
i am so happy for that girlie. XO

and you better believe i was already thinking about the next weekend as i was laying in bed sunday night. just admit it, you probably were too.

and now its wednesday.. two days. twoooo-a!
and guess what? my very good friend kim is heading to the hospital friday am to get ready for her second little one. so pumped! can not wait to meet little corbin. :) another busy and fun weekend ahead! uh and sorry this post was nothing but my weekend and a few other random things. i'll call it an all about jenn rae news post. {so dorky}

oh! in other cleaning news, i did clean out my entire jeep this week.. such a good feeling.
alright. enough of the rambling. :)

have a good day y'all.

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