Wednesday, July 10, 2013

plant love

well well.. here i am posting after a couple months. i'm confused too.

i think this summer weather has forced me to forget about bloggin' .. WHAT?
theres so much to catch you up on, but for now i'll post about decorating a plant container into something other than a plain plant container. & i will say it again.. plant container. {i agree, i wish this post was a little more exciting}

so here is a cactus plant my mom bought.. shes so nice isnt she?
{and by the way, if you aren't one to keep plants alive, or need something easy - buying a cactus planter is the way to do it! no need to water it, for obvious reasons ;) & no maintenance involved! i know right? who would have thought!}

so here we are again with the planter. price tag included. boring right?

i added some burlap...

annnnnd voilá...

its so easy - nothing fancy but i personally think it looks a lot better with a little burlap :) 
now, what will my next project be...

 photo jennsig_zpsad0a8c18.jpg