Tuesday, April 16, 2013

weekend & a craft.

hellooooo rain.

and boohoo to tuesday.

you are my least favorite day of the week. every week. and this week isn't any different. i'm blaming it on the rain. unless you're a fisherman or a puddle stomper, i'm assuming you would agree that rainy days aren't the best days. i am exhausted with a capital e. and the thing is, i didn't do much this weekend. whats up with that?

literally did nothing. {which was perfect considering the next month is busy busy busy!}
i relaxed and snacked. yep, did nothing. :)

i did, however, make a restaurant book of all sorts of places i have yet to dine at. {yes i have lived in the area my entire life. wish this idea came to me way back when} after each visit, i'll mark the page with a sticker. first outing is this friday - pretty excited to try these new places.

restaurants range from.. well anything & everything. and located anywhere & everywhere. well, in indy and the northside.

well y'all hope your tuesday is a bit more sunny than mine.


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