Thursday, May 23, 2013

office fixin'

i love anything that starts with re- {well maybe not everything} but reorganize, redecorate, remodel are good words. and i use a lot of those re- words.

so today, lets talk about my office. or should i say, lets reorganize my office. :)
originally my office looked like any normal office - a desk with loads of papers, a few organized holders, and a computer.
but really, it was just an unused office space.

yep, told you it needed some love & attention...

so in came one of the re- words.

i figured - why not make it into a craft room? cause we all know i love me some crafts!
first things first: get some inexpensive baskets and shelves for storage. i took a trip to ikea with my sister and momma & boy did we get some good finds. {if you haven't been to an ikea... you.must.go} we went to cincy and i would imagine it isn't as crowded as the one in chicago - highly recommended. 

side note: in planning for your first trip to ikea, i would focus on a certain room of your home. the place is a bit overwhelming so it helps to just focus on certain items at a time for your office, or bedroom, or whatever you desire.. make sense? just a little tip from me myself & i :)

ok back to my reorganized office.
so once i got home with all my new goodies {oh! some items were purchased at the container store.. also a favorite, but a little bit more pricey} i then organized all my craft things. in other words, i removed all my supplies from my rolling bag - yes, i have one of those. and i organized everything {i mean, everything - scrap paper, stickers, paint, stationary, string, ribbon, scissors, cutouts, etc} into clear jars or marked storage boxes.

i didn't realize i had half of the stuff because everything had been in an enclosed bag. it was like christmas morning. ...oh i didn't know i had one of those... or this crazy paper... how cool would this be on that... and on and on. i'm sure you can imagine.

so now no more enclosed bag. i can now see my options and know what i'm working with. score!

see, nothing a few new storage boxes and containers couldn't fix. i am in LOVE with my new office.

and i must apologize for the delay in posts.. it'll never happen again :)

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