Monday, April 1, 2013

a little black paint

you guys.
remember when i went to the flea market and posted about a wine rack i purchased but it needed a little scrub and some black paint? well y'all i am in love. {yes i know its just a wine rack} but seriously it was just what the little corner in my kitchen needed!


annnnnnnnd.... {drum roll please}


ok so i know you can't really tell the difference in these pictures {original was faded green and black} but trust me, the updated version looks so. much. better. :) it just took a few coats of black spray paint and now it looks like a brand new piece. yahoo for great flea market finds!

now, who wants some wine?

 photo jennsig_zpsad0a8c18.jpg


  1. Hi Jenn! Yes I follow your blog, I love blogs. ;) Since I know you love a good spray paint project, I thought I'd share a great idea I just saw on pinterest. You could buy a cheap dollar store garment bag and use it as a spray paint "tent" to keep the spray paint fumes and spray to a minimum! I pinned it if you want to see what it looks like.

    1. yay! follow away! :) yes i do love a good spray paint project! thanks for the idea - I'll have to pop into a dollar store soon!