Thursday, April 11, 2013

easter fun

so as the saying goes, its better late than never.. right?
well easter was a couple weeks ago but i realized i never blogged about the goodies i made, and we all know that's a must! i know i told y'all about the spinach dip i made but let's get down to the...
good stuff.

i'm all about the good stuff. i'm talking the chocolatey, salty, chewy good stuff!
lets start with these tasty pretzel chocolate treats...

these are addicting. i'm warning you. :) and even worse, they are so easy. two baaad combinations. 

you can just add in different colors of chocolates and m&ms and boom! you can serve with any holiday party or theme! great, right? i used green white and black for st.patricks day and these bright cheery colors for easter. so here we go..

line cookie sheet with pretzels  i used square pretzels
drop wilton candy melts on each pretzel  you can find these in the baking aisle at party city, or even walmart.. they come in any color imaginable - yellow green purple blue pink and so on
place in oven for 30 seconds - 2 min  this really depends on your oven but keep a close eye on the goodies. you just want chocolate to melt just a wee bit
squish m&ms on each candy melt  ok not really squish but as soon as pan comes out of oven, put m&ms on each melt - this needs to be done quickly before chocolate hardens (grab extra hands if you have 'em)
wait till chocolate cools & enjoy  need them now? pop them in the freezer

see? so. easy. 
next up.. tweet tweet treats {say that ten times.}

i must say, i took this idea from my absolute favorite blogger love from the oven. shes so wise & creative with her sweets.

i mean, who doesn't think of twitter when they see these cute blue peeps?

to make these peep pops, i just stuck a black straw (only because i wanted the stick to be black - but cake pop sticks work great) into a blue peep and since the sides are white from pulling them apart i dump a few blue sprinkles in that empty spot and violá! and the signs are made with washi tape. :)

now for the fun part - decorating the eggs. i wanted to do something super fun but just went with the standard decorating box and called it a day. 
{maybe next year} 

i also whipped up some strawberry cupcakes as treats for my parents.

well y'all how was your easter? any sweet treats you want to share?


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