Monday, March 4, 2013

the world of flea markets

hello friends. well its monday and we all survived! give yourself a good pat on the back! :) i know most of you probably hate mondays but i actually like them. it's like a chance for a do over - i'm a fan. 
{new week, new ideas}

so lets talk about the weekend.

you guys, i had my first flea market experience. i know, right?

i also went out for a friends birthday on saturday and spent sunday as a lazy day with movies & my couch. sometimes, those are the best kind of days! ok lets get back to this flea market jazz.

my momma and i decided to spend saturday visiting a few flea markets in the anderson area. i had never been and was totally up for it! {yes i packed the hand sanitizer} it was quite interesting to say the least! we went to three.. and they got worse as we went on but we kept truckin! we saw just about anything. anything i tell ya. everything was set up in booths - or actually thrown in booths. some booths were filled with junk. junk that had been sitting there for years. we even came across salad dressing.. really people?

not everything was bad junk tho. 

i found two mini mugs at our first stop.. 

see, aren't they cute?! and i found a mason jar with a handle so i had to get it of course.

my lemon and mint water looks even more delicious in this must have purchase.

i also came across an old wine rack {including a few spider webs} so i spent the ten buckaroos on it - all it needs is a little scrub & some black spray paint. i'll post a picture as soon as i get around to spray painting. i love a good, easy craft! 

so i must say, i would definitely try out some other flea markets around town. I'm not one to dig through shelves and racks to find a good deal - heck i'm not a huge fan of tj maxx. i like to walk into a store with everything sorted {easy to see, easy to shop} but something about a flea market is intriguing. you never know what you're going to find, or how a one dollar vase can become a staple piece in your dining room. 

i say, get on your creative caps and pop into a flea market or two.

wow, it just took me forever to write this entry.. i'm going to blame that one on ellen. shes just too darn funny & an easy distraction. well y'all, i'm going to pour another glass of lemon water and grab a good book. nighty night.

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