Friday, March 1, 2013

so here we begin.

so here we are.. 
friday afternoon on march first and i am {finally} writing my first blog entry. life's good.

i have wanted to blog for quite some time.. thanks to my dear friend jourdan - check her out here. seriously, she has some amazingly yummy recipes. :) i just didn't know where to begin or what to actually blog about - most i have enjoyed reading are those about their children, their diy fancies, or of their always-so-inspiring personal business. since i have yet {but hopefully sometime} to be classified as a wife, momma, or business owner, i was at a loss of a blog topic. 

oh, such a crisis, i know.

so here we are..

i just couldn't wait for the 'right time' to start blogging. when is that by the way? so join me as i blog about all things jenn rae. {all things until i am blessed with that family.. and then, watch the little things turn into big things}. i'm excited for this journey, y'all. :)

all things. baking - cooking - celebrating - prepping - gifting - crafting - styling.

so join me. i hope to be entertaining. 
and don't be afraid to leave comments & suggestions- i'm still trying to figure this all out.

oh, and its biebers bday. i should probably bake a cake to celebrate, right? off to the kitchen..

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  1. Yayyy, welcome to the blog world!

    1. yay! question: do you know how to add a link for my twitter and Instagram? maybe under the about me? that's the next thing on the blog agenda. :)