Wednesday, March 13, 2013

practice makes perfect

st.patricks day. a day covered in green.
but this year, it isn't just a one day celebration... this year, its two days.
we decided it was only appropriate to also celebrate this past weekend. cause, why not?

we like to call it {drum roll please} ...  st. practice day 
we usually spend the green weekend up in chicago {although i'm not going this year} but why not start the festivities a week early and call it st.practice day? seems clever enough. it all started with my good friend, the flair fairy, as we like to call her. she is obssessed with the holiday and fills her condo in downtown indianapolis with all the appropriate decorations. as you'll see in these pictures...

ok. let me tell you, what a fun idea! y'all should continue the trend next year. seriously.
we started the early afternoon with irish coffees, then began on the green keg 'o beer shortly after. and continued with the green beer. and continued.. games were played, pictures were taken. the flair fairy made sure our tummies were filled with irish-themed appetizers and goodies - such as a mac & cheese bar, avocado and feta cheese dip, flavored popcorn, guinness cupcakes, and a couple other dips. sounds yummy, right? cause it sure was!

most of my green fairy friends will be celebrating the holiday in chicago this coming weekend, but i will be sticking around indy. we shall see where my green feather boa and i end up for the real deal..

but i do know i want to continue this st.practice day trend in the years to come..
i think people will surely catch on. you dig?

also, want to give a big 'ol thank you to jess over at hoosier for helping me with my new design! its still a work in progress, but it'll come together {hopefully} one of these days. who knew blogging would require so many html codes? :)

happy wednesday - start looking for your best green outfit for the coming weekend!


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